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Contest provisions

Contest provisions


1.1. The review competition is organized by KNAUF, the National Union of Architects of Ukraine with the support of public, state and private institutions and organizations.
1.2. The review competition is open.
1.3. Persons under the age of 35 are invited to participate in the competition: architects, designers, civil engineers, developers, and design teams. Groups may consist of students and / or graduates. Applications from interdisciplinary teams are also accepted. The number of projects per participant or group is unlimited.
1.4. Participation in the review competition is free.
1.5. The purpose of the review competition is to find and mark out those of the presented projects (interiors and their parts, buildings and structures, territories) that most accurately and comprehensively reflect the qualitative improvement of the living environment by transforming it with the help of technological solutions from KNAUF and the other competition partners.
1.6. The main task of the review competition is to answer the following questions:
– Why are space transformations necessary?

– How to make the living environment comfortable?

– How, using advanced building materials and technologies, to achieve the maximum aesthetic, functional, economic, social effect from implemented projects? Ecology and energy efficiency.
1.7. Design objects are chosen by the contestants. Works in the form of projects are the subject matter of the review competition. The competitors are invited to develop projects aimed at creation or transformation of interiors, buildings and structures, building complexes for tourism and recreation.
1.8. When designing, it is imperative to use the technologies of KNAUF and the competition partners. The library of materials, elements, technologies are posted on the competition website.
1.9. Members of the jury cannot take part in the review competition.
1.10. Declaring their participation in the contest, the competitors thereby accept its conditions and requirements, and also agree that the jury’s assessment is final and not a subject to appeal.
2. Competition theme and nominations
2.1. The theme of the ARCHIVISION-2021 review competition:

“Designs of innovative and energy efficient touristic and recreational facilities”
2.2. Design objects: interiors and its elements, buildings, structures and their complexes, territories with new or existing structures.
2.3. Nominations of the ARCHIVІSІON-2021 review competition:
2.3.1.   Tourist buildings  (a hotel class, a list of related functions and its bed-space are chosen by the contestants)
(inn, motel, hotel; its functions: SPA, restaurant.)

2.3.2.   Resorts  (hotels, recreation center, camping, health resort)
2.3.3.   Quickly constructed energy efficient frame buildings for residential, recreational and medical purposes
2.4. The following types of design should be used to develop the competition theme:
– interior design;
– design of a new or reconstruction of an existing building or structure;
– design of groups of buildings and / or structures, ensembles, blocks and / or their revaluation, revitalization of a territory with a group of buildings, including development of adjacent common areas

The main criteria for the competition work evaluation:

3. Jury
3.1. The jury for the nominations is determined by the organizing committee and it will consists of leading architects, guests of honour and representatives of the organizers, 5 people at all.
3.2. The jury for the first round of the ARCHINTEGRATION nomination consists of the winners of the ARCHIVІSION-2017 competition (one representative from the winning projects in each nomination). For the second round, the organizing committee will add to the jury representatives of the organizers and the regional partners.
3.3. The jury appoints the jury head among its members.
3.4. The jury votes for each object to make a decision. Decisions are made by majority vote and are final. With an equal number of votes, the vote of the jury head is decisive.
4. Determination of winners:
4.1. The jury reviews the submitted works twice (two rounds): the first consideration forms a short-list of 30 finalists (up to 10 in each nomination), the second (final) determines the winners. The jury final decision is made in the form of a protocol, describing the result voting and awards.
4.2. The final decision of the jury on winner awarding is communicated to all participants of the review competition through the competition website, a message on the National Union of Architects of Ukraine website and through professional media
4.3. KNAUF will select from all projects three works that most fully and organically reflect the KNAUF technologies. These works will be awarded with special prizes of the company.
5. Awards
5.1. The review competition has determined cash prizes for winning in the nominations.
5.2. Three special prizes are proposed by KNAUF (1-2 authors from a project team will be awarded).
5.3. Additional prizes are proposed from the partner companies of the review competition.
5.4. All projects selected by the jury and included into the short-list will be printed on the presentation board and exhibited by the organizers, published on the review competition’s and partners’ websites.
5.5. The best projects will be published in the competition catalogue and in the print publications of the competition partners.
5.6. The projects will be presented to the general public and the partners for their possible future implementation.
6. The project shall include:
6.1. Explanatory note (indicating a competition nomination, the volume is 3000-5000 characters, PDF file).

6.1.1. Research (for example, existing analogies, situational analysis, urban planning analysis, planning structure, stay scenarios, etc.).
6.1.2. Description of the project goals, objectives and implementation tools.
6.1.3. Project economics (macro indicators).

6.2. Project

– 3-D model / visualization;
– layout, or functional diagram, or master plan;
– extract from the explanatory note substantiating a applicable technological solution using materials and systems from KNAUF or the competition partners;
– facades, development drawing, cross-sections;
– plans;
– assemblies, elements.
6.2.2. Optional:
– constructive scheme;
– some elements;
– explications or specifications.

7. Execution of a competition project   please, specify  the orientation of your presentation board during display, 2 boards near each other or one under the other, this is important

7.1. Project sheet size – A-1, vertical layout.
7.2. Project shall be located on two sheets.
7.3. The proposed division of the presentation board field is conditional.
7.4. Execution of the presentation board for the Interior nomination

7.5. Execution of the presentation board for the nominations: Hotel and its complex, Resort areas

7.6. Execution of the presentation boards for the nominations ARCHINTEGRATION is made according to the schemes presented in paragraphs 7.4. and 7.5., depending on a designed object type.
7.7. Projects shall be submitted without authorship or any marking, helping identify their authors.
7.8. Both the presentation boards and the explanatory note must have a motto – a code received by a participant after registration. The code consists of a three-digit number and two Latin letters and shall be placed in the upper right corner of each sheet.
7.9. Project files shall be submitted in PDF format (all images must be in .jpg format, with 150 DPI resolution).
7.10. Projects that do not meet the competition conditions will not be allowed to enter into the competition.
7.11. After the review competition, the exhibition materials will become the organizers’ property and will be used for exhibitions and the competition promotion.
7.12. By submitting works for the review competition, the authors thus confirm the organizers’ right for partial or full publication or any other use of the presented works, duly referring to the authors. In this case, the copyright, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, remains with their authors.
8.The Competition Regulations 2021
8.1. The registration of competition projects takes place at filling of the application form on the competition website.
8.2. The registration (acceptance of applications) lasts from February 15 to December 5, 2021.
8.3. The deadline for accepting work is December 12, 2021.
8.4. Alert results, exhibition and award ceremony will be about December 21, 2021
8.5. Projects for the review competition shall be archived into one file and uploaded to the file sharing service. After that, participants shall send the corresponding link to the organizing committee for downloading to e-mail contest@archivision.com.ua or registrator@archivision.com.ua.
8.6. The official site of the ARCHІVІSІON review competition: www.new.archіvіsіon.com.ua null