A workshop was held in Dnipro in 2019

At the beginning of August 2019 the next ARCHINTEGRATION workshop was held in Dnipro within the framework of VI ARCHIVISION 2019 International Youth Architecture Festival.

For students and young professionals up to 35 years old

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  • 6-9 серпня 2019
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A workshop was held in Dnipro in 2019

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Воркшоп в Dnipro: August 6-9, 2019

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At the beginning of August 2019 the next ARCHINTEGRATION workshop was held in Dnipro within the framework of VI ARCHIVISION 2019 International Youth Architecture Festival.
The topic of the workshop: “Improvement of living and working conditions of PABAB students by reconstruction of the common space of the hostel complex with the introduction of energy saving technologies, taking into account the requirements of ergonomics, by re-planning and providing acoustic comfort”.
Worked with five teams of tutors.

Topic: The subject of the workshop is the sole concept of modernization of the DABAB hostel complex with the maintenance and improvement of the territory. Including:
1) solution of the issue of energy modernization and acoustic comfort of residential buildings, the block of cafes, the gallery-junction connecting the buildings and the club ;
2) improvement of ergonomics of living and common spaces – design projects of spaces of unified housing, gallery-transition, entrance group of a housing building and cafe (visual and architectural and planning decisions of interior spaces) ;
3) proposals for architectural and artistic image of the facades of the building and entrance group групи
4) proposals for the arrangement and improvement of the square in front of the entrance group of cafes and galleries of the hostel complex, as well as other adjacent territories.

Architects, interior designers, graphic and landscape designers are required to participate (mandatory for ages 35 and under).
The winner of the workshop will be able to participate in the ARCHIVISION 2019 competition, subject to completion of the project after the workshop, in accordance with the requirements for the design of competition works.
Participation is free of charge, accommodation and food at the expense of the organizers.

Accommodation of participants-hostel “VISNYA”, Dnipro, str. Cathedral, 9A

Labor Territory – Dniprovsky State College of Construction and Installation Technologies and Architecture, vul. Joinery, 8th floor 7

Final presentations 09.08.19 at 11:00 on Hrushevsky St., 1 regional organization of the Union of Architects of Ukraine
(at the CRIC Theater)

Grasshopper Solomiya, Lviv

Studied at Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning. Practicing architect since 2013.
Lecturer, Postgraduate Student of the Department of Urban Planning, Institute of Architecture of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Researcher of urban density and urban quality. Participant and tutor of workshops in the framework of international cooperation with the Technical University of Vienna.

Kateryna Kozlova, Dnipro

She graduated from the Pridneprovsk State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture in 2016. Practicing architect since 2014. Assistant Professor of Architecture Fundamentals
in the PDAB. Was on the team to create the project Scene: Stage .. Investigates vernocular architecture. Author of Where to Go if I’m an Architect?
She participated in the Archivision competition in 2013.

Alexander Ryabokin, Dnipro

Certified architect practitioner, certified professional ARCHICA. Certified user 3ds max. Lecturer in Architectural Disciplines at the State Committee for Architecture and Construction. Grade I winner in the All-Ukrainian Review of Diploma Papers (2007).
Winner of ARCHIVISION 2015, 2017, 2018, Nova Design Award 2018, ARCHIVISION Architecture Competitions GRAPHISOFT, Author and co-author of many completed projects in Ukraine.

Vitaliy Schwarzwalder, Odessa

Graduated from ADABA in 2016, co-founded by IMLA Architects imla.pro.
Has participated in international competitions since 2013, more than one winner and winner in 10 international competitions. Receives Grand Prix at Archivision 2017
and a special prize in 2018. Has been participating in this competition since 2015.
A trip to China in 2017. Has realized facilities in the sphere of hotels
and restaurants – City Hotel Bortoli and Hostel Friday. He was thanked for his cooperation and active participation in the development of the construction market in Ukraine at the third All-Ukrainian Hotel Forum in 2018. Received diploma of the winner
in the category “Buildings and structures” – the first prize “Renovation of the mystery” at the 4th International Youth Festival of Architecture Archivision, also the diploma of the winner in the category “Interior” – 2 award “Hotel Subway” for her painting in the Pink Bulldozer Art Contest. Author of articles in the Journal of the Hospitality Academy.

Anna Badera, Odessa

Specialist in urban planning of ODABA, received the Grand Prix among the diplomas with the award in 2016. At the age of 23, she co-founded the architectural firm IMLA Architects imla.pro, known for the following facilities: Friday’s Hostel Friday in Bortol.
Winner of two nominations “ARCHIVISION 2017”, a special prize in “Archivision 2018”. The 2017 Skycity International Contest in China.  Has implemented facilities in the field of hotels and restaurants. She received the diploma of the winner in the category “buildings and structures” – the first prize “renovation of the mystery, also the diploma of the winner in the category” Interior “- 2 award” Hotel Subway “at the 4th International Youth Festival of Architecture Archivision She received a second degree diploma at the 8th International Festival of Architecture, Urban Planning in Eurasia Design with a specialization in Urban Planning; received the thanks of the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk, the 1st degree diploma and the grand prize for the project “Renovation of Alexander Prospect in Odessa” in the nomination for the best idea of ​​revitalization of urban spaces “at the 26th international competition of graduation projects of future designers and architects. as an illustrator and worked as an architect tutor at the children’s technical school “Krok”.

Natalia Avdeeva, Kyiv

Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 2002. Practicing architect since 2003. Member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine. Head of the Architectural and Design Department of the KNUBA Institute of Innovative Education.

Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor. Head of the working group on preparation of the architectural part of the investment projects for the renovation of the separate structural units of NAU – Slavic College (Donetsk Region), Krivoy Rog College (Dnipropetrovsk Region) and the organization of the International Pilot Training Center in the structure of Antonov 2 airport in Gostomel participation in the competition of projects of regional development of Ukraine in accordance with the plan of implementation of the “State strategy for regional development for the period up to 2020”.

 Head of student civic activities in cooperation with the Main Department of Urban Planning and Architecture of the Executive Body of the Kyiv City Council (KSCA) in the development of project proposals for a local target program “Kyiv City Development Strategy for 2025”, which has a professional focus (co-author and scientific supervisor of 20 concepts 2012 2019). Scientific research is concerned with improving the design efficiency of residential buildings with public service facilities in areas close to airports.